Pamushana Lodge

Singita Pamushana Lodge is the ecotourism arm of this 130,000 acre reserve and its role is to help foster the sustainability of the wildlife and broader ecology, while enabling guests to share the magic of the lodge and the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve.


The rich tribal history of the region is the inspiration for the design of Singita Pamushana Lodge, drawing on the proud heritage of ancient Zimbabwe. Perched atop a sandstone ridge overlooking the shimmering expanse of the Malilangwe Dam and the lush mopane forests beyond, the lodge celebrates its incredible wilderness setting by bringing guests closer to nature at every turn.

The majestic architecture of this intimate lodge has always been a signature of the property. The detailed stonework and imposing proportions of Great Zimbabwe form the main reference point for the lodge design. Interiors of the lodge reflect original references to the local Shangaan culture, artfully combined with contemporary forms and styles inspired by these African patterns and shapes.

Singita Pamushana Lodge’s breathtaking design combined with the incredible location makes for an unforgettable luxury safari experience but its enduring purpose to contribute to the conservation of the 130,000-acre wildlife reserve in which it sits sets a new benchmark for meaningful travel experiences.


WiFi is available


On-site gym


Spa available


Includes a pool


Fully Stocked bar


Restaurant available



Luxury Suites : US$ 550


Map and Directions

After a short 1 hour 45-minute flight from Johannesburg into Buffalo Range Airport, Pamushana Lodge is located a brief, scenic drive away in Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. View the iconic Big 5 and experience the best of the African bush.

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

Pamushana Lodge

Pamushana Lodge

Between two wildlife rich reserves, experience Zimbabwe's wild side.