Community & Cultural Tours
Cost US$50 per person

Community & Cultural Tours

The area surrounding Victoria Falls is rich in culture and boasts a history that is almost as deep as the Zambezi River itself. Community and Cultural Tours offer visitors an opportunity to experience the way of life and history of the abundant area. Accompanied by knowledgeable and experienced tour guides, set out to learn more about daily life, local cuisine and traditions and customs of the surrounding communities.

There are a number of tour operators offering tours to various sites in the area, each specifically designed to showcase a different aspect of the diverse and beautiful heritage.

Chief Mukuni’s Village is home to the Leya people and is made up of approximately 6000 residents. This particular visit offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the day-to-day lives of the local people. Chief Makuni extends a special invitation to travellers, inviting them to visit his authentic working village, as opposed to one built for tourists. This tour is a fascinating insight into the rhythm and lifestyle of this dynamic community. A member of the village accompanies visitors on their tour, offering local information at each stop. Visitors can see how traditional huts are built and decorated, meet the residents and see the locals as they go about their days.

What to Expect

The Livingstone Museum and the Railway Museums are ideal for taking a step back into the past. The David Livingstone museum, which is the oldest and largest museum in Zambia displays the most comprehensive collection of Livingstone’s memorabilia in the world, while the Railway Museum houses a celebrated collection of locomotives, historic coaches as well as miniscule memorabilia.

The Maramba Market is a bustling and colourful spot where local Zambians shop for everything from fruit and vegetable to clothing and bright “chitenge” or local fabrics. The vibrant and energetic atmosphere, with ample photo opportunities, is not to be missed.

Be a part of the true African experience, connect with the local community, and use the opportunity to give back through responsible tourism. To find out more, or to plan your trip to Victoria Falls, simply get in touch with Vic Falls Accommodation, today.

Activity Details

Cost: US$50 per person
Duration: 8 hours
Times : 08:00 to 16:00
Age Restrictions: X
Minimum Pax: X