Horseback Safaris
Cost US$100 per person

Horseback Safaris

Horseback safaris in Victoria Falls are led by experienced riders and game rangers, and take place along the banks of the Zambezi River. Spend the morning surrounded by the exciting African bushveld and riverine forest, which offer plentiful game and bird viewing opportunities.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced rider, this is an incredible way to interact closely with nature. You can stand unnoticed and watch small game such as bushbuck and duiker canter through open bushveld, or catch sight of a warthog reversing at high speed into the safety of his home. In the dry winter season there is the possibility of seeing elephants, while hippos and crocodile frequent the banks and water of the Zambezi all year round.

What to Expect

All rides include a brief visit at a local village to experience the nearby communities and their way of life. Should beginners or young rider feel nervous or uncomfortable setting out on an independent ride, a guide is available to lead the horse at a slow pace. There are trips available that are designed for inexperienced riders, and for those who have had considerable riding experience. On all out-rides, riders are grouped with others of similar experience levels to ensure a smooth journey for all.

Safety is an absolutely priority and all riders are automatically covered by MARS (Medical Air Rescue Services), and a first aid box and radio accompanies each safari. Short rides are typically two to three hours, and the longer rides available range from half day, to multiple day safaris, which move from lodge to lodge and enjoy a vast expanse of African bushveld.

Bask in the natural beauty, and walk in amongst the spectacular fauna and flora that the area is so well known for. Let experienced and knowledgeable guides show you through the mesmerizing beauty of the African bush. With their extensive experience of the wildlife and surrounding national parks, they will ensure you see all that there is to see.

To learn more about horseback safaris in Victoria Falls and Livingstone, or to book your stay in either of these towns, simply get in touch with Vic Falls Accommodation.

Activity Details

Cost: US$100 per person
Duration: 2 hours
Time AM: 06h30 - 08h30
Time PM: 15h00 - 17h30
Age Restrictions: X
Min Pax: X