Zambezi River Canoeing
Cost US$160 per person

Zambezi River Canoeing

Sit back and relax, and feel the African sun on your skin as you experience the Zambezi River at water level on an exclusive canoeing trip in Victoria Falls.

Weave through narrow channels and move with the rhythm of the water as an experienced private guide leads you down the majestic river. Flanked by the wild beauty of the African bush with scenery that will leave you awestruck, most Victoria Falls canoe trails take you on a relaxing meander down the calm section of the Zambezi River, before you reach the mighty Victoria Falls.

Several tour operators run this exciting activity, operating above the Victoria Falls on the 15km stretch of the Zambezi River between the Chundu Campsite and the National Park entrance. These canoe trails run along the banks of the Zambezi National Park, which offers ample opportunity to view the wildlife that inhabits the area, such as elephants, buffalo, impala, kudu, hippo and crocodile to name a few. The birdlife is prolific with at least 50 species of bird that can be seen from your canoe.

What to Expect

This section of the river is quite unlike the better-known section below Lake Kariba. The Upper Zambezi River is regarded as free flow since there is no dam to control it. For this reason, the water is subject to noticeable seasonal variation. Floods begin in November and normally peak in April and May. Therefore, throughout the season the route varies as new channels open with the rise in water level.

The Upper Zambezi has numerous heavily wooded islands, which are dissected by channels that may be several kilometres in length, and vary in width from one to twenty metres. The rapids are small and at their peak are only classed as grade two, which is the second easiest grade. As such, you needn’t worry about this turning into a white water rafting expedition. Take your pick from half day, full day and overnight experiences to suit your Victoria Falls itinerary and let the professional team of your choosing lead you through one of the most fascinating Victoria Falls activities.

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Cost: US$160 per person
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