Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls

October 16, 2018

Determining the best time to visit Victoria Falls is largely dependent on the visitor and what they hope to see and experience. As the wet and dry seasons are unique, each offer something different.

VIctoria Falls


Typically, summer runs from October to April. During these months, temperatures can climb to around 30 degrees Celsius and dramatic thunderstorms are a definite possibility. Perhaps slightly counterintuitively, November to March are usually the wettest months of the year thanks to the summer rains.

On the other hand, winter runs from May to September and usually brings dry, milder weather sitting around 20 degrees Celsius. This is a good time to pack an extra jacket as temperatures can drop to around 5 degrees at night.

Victoria Falls

Why is Weather Important?

Following the wet summer months, Victoria Falls is in full swing, and lives up to its local name “the smoke that thunders”. A voluminous sheet of water spills over the edge of the falls with a spray that can be seen for miles. Although this is a fantastic time to see the true majesty of this Natural Wonder of the World, it is unfortunately not ideal for some sought-after activities.

Victoria Falls

For guests wishing to combine their Victoria Falls adventure with a Botswanan river safari, a trip into Hwange National Park, or any of the other notable reserves, the winter months are perfect. As the vegetation dries out, and waterholes become scarcer, wildlife becomes easier to spot making the months of June to August preferable.

November and early December call out to adrenaline junkies with low water levels. This is the time of year to swim in Devil’s Pool and hit the rapids for some rafting. The Zambezi River has earned its stripes as one of the biggest and best white-water spots in the world making it a must-do activity.

With the lowest water levels, plus hot and humid weather, October is deemed the least desirable month to visit this UNESCO Heritage Site. While the Zimbabwean side may still have flowing water, the Zambian side of the falls may be totally dried up at this point. This is, however, a great time to take to the skies and admire the geographical formation of the falls from above.

Victoria Falls

The Perfect Adventure

The decision of where to stay and what to see is totally dependent on what each person hopes to experience during their time exploring Victoria Falls. Whether your ideal trip entails Zimbabwe, Zambia, or both, Vic Falls Accommodation can help you to plan the perfect African adventure. Contact us to book your stay today!