Fishing in Victoria Falls

November 15, 2018

A fishing excursion on the Zambezi River above Victoria Falls is rife with adventure, excitement and unforgettable memories. For novices and veteran anglers alike, a day of fishing in Livingstone or Victoria Falls is the ultimate way to experience Africa.

Over 75 species of fish inhabit the warm waters of the Zambezi River, each unique and eluding capture in their own way. The most ferocious, and sought-after of these is the Tiger Fish – rated by innumerable anglers as the finest sporting and fighting freshwater fish in the world. An undoubtedly formidable opponent to even the most experienced of anglers, attempting to “hook” and bring in a Tiger Fish is the ultimate challenge.

zambezi river fishing

While the pursuit of Tiger Fish is most popular with anglers, there are a number of other species to catch in this section of the Zambezi River. Above the Falls, Yellow-belly (Nembwe), pink-happy and three-spot bream are common, as well as African Pike, Silver Barbel and Zambezi Yellowfish. Below the Falls, the monstrous Vundu – a type of catfish – can be found. This is the largest fish found in the Zambezi, and grows as large as 50 kg’s.

There are two main fishing locations in Livingstone and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe: above the Falls themselves in the gently-flowing waters of the Upper Zambezi, amongst the small islands, and below the Falls in the Batoka Gorge.

fishing in victoria falls

Angle Zambia are just one of the fishing companies that offer half and full-day fishing excursions on the Zambezi River. A host of experienced guides are on hand to lead you to only the very best fishing spots – satiating your hunger for action. Often, included in the price is: transfers, a boat, fuel, fishing equipment and tackle, services of a guide, lunch, and drinks. In respect of protecting natural resources in the Zambezi River, this particular company have adopted a catch-and-release policy, so the use of cameras to record fishing encounters is greatly encouraged.

Parked-off in a fruitful fishing spot, or drifting slowly along the Zambezi is also an ideal opportunity to view a wide variety of stunning wildlife, either in the river, or on the banks. Elephant, hippos, crocodiles, waterbuck, and giraffe. There are also a vast amount of bird species to be spotted in this area – making for an eventful experience in the moments when the fish aren’t “on the bite.”

victoria falls fishing

Despite slight seasonal deviations, fish are caught all year-round in Victoria Falls. However, the best time to catch Tiger Fish is during the warmer summer months – between August and March. During this time, excursions are extremely popular, so make sure to make booking for your day of Victoria Falls fishing well in advance. To find out more, contact the team at Vic Falls Accommodation today.

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